Localize playfully!

At Logrus Games, we understand the demand of the computer gaming industry and the strong competition. In order to make profit it is essential to fit the needs of international market. Localization quality is the first step on this way as soon as it enhances the capacity of your games and increases the number of players thus prompting your business to be more profitable.

Our experienced translators will make your games sound in 10 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Polish.
But is it enough for your product to be just translated? No! We also consider all intricacies and every single nook and cranny of terms, genre, and even unique features of different projects.
Our team of experts will get to know you in order to keep the spirit of your game and of your digital universe.
All our localization experts are native speakers with a high awareness of language style and form. Every minute they are ready to engage with projects of different genres and levels of difficulty.


Completely involved

To enjoy either relaxed or tense atmosphere of a game, to get in it, and to participate as if your were involved, you need a high quality voice-over service.

Voicing-over is one of the crucial stages of localization process, but at the same time it is a creative activity involving experts in various fields.
To begin with, linguists translate and adjust dialogues to make sure they are culturally adequate and involving.
Then, to ensure that the game sounds as good as it looks and will make players keep coming back, we carefully select voices. The timber of voice and intonation should match those in the original game. Presently, we are able to provide a range of samples for you to choose from, and our pool of samples is awesome: more than 150 voices of professional actors. It needs hardly be mentioned that all of our actors have extensive experience of voicing over.
Finally, we invite all selected actors to our own highly sophisticated recording studio equipped with professional hardware. The sound director carefully monitors the quality and produces a final track of the localized version.


Game localization testing? That’s not the play!

Better safe than sorry! There is no doubt that the localized version of your game should be as flawless as the source-language version of the product. Although “play is life, rain or shine”, and regardless of how good the translation you implement is, there are always possible flaws.

Testing is designed to ensure that the localized version keeps the feel of the game as if it has been developed in the language of the target market, and there is not a single flaw (neither functional nor linguistic). We practice manual testing as well as usage of various special utilities, including those developed by our company specialists.
Our services concern linguistic, functional, and marketing testing of your product on various devices: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 consoles; PC and Macintosh fixed platforms; Android, iOS, Windows mobile platforms.